FAQ'S Page (Frequently Asked Questions):

1. What kind of class is this?

This is a nude dancing/naked dancing, all inclusive MOVEMENT & DANCE CLASS in New York City

2. What can I bring to class?

Respect, an open mind and ready to have fun! ALSO: Water, hand towel sneakers (optional)

3. Can I pay at the door?

Payments will no longer be accepted at the door; RSVP & payment in advance is required via PayPal, Venmo, CashApp or Eventbrite

4. Will there be body contact?

Because of the personal and intimate nature of body contact while in the nude, the only class as of now that may or may not include body contact is the mens's energy & meditative movement class

5. Can I just come to watch to see if i want to participate?

Class participation is a must. For those who may be indecisive or waiting for someone, we suggest that you do so outside of class in the waiting area, if said location has one

6. How many people show up? Men? Women?

It depends on the week, the season and perhaps even the weather!  We offer both ALL GENDERED CLASSES as well as MEN ONLY CLASSES. Check the schedule/events on the home page to see which one you can attend!